Friday, May 04, 2018

LOBSTER THERAPY Kickstarter Countdown: 15 Days

We have a week and a day left in our Kickstarter campaign for the LOBSTER THERAPY book of Maine cartoons.

As of now, you can get a new copy from Amazon for the cover price $16.95. No Amazon discount. But for $8 more, you can get it thru our Kickstarter -- SIGNED! And your $ will be helping cartoonists directly. It will help us get to BookExpo and do the conventions this summer.
Please consider clicking on the link. Thanks.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed! Some great cartoons from the book are here for your enjoyment by David Jacobson, Jay Klossner, the great Bill Woodman and the one and only Jeff Pert.

David Jacobson:

Jeff Pert:

Bill Woodman:

John Klossner:
 Mike Lynch:

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