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From the Dick Buchanan Files: Winter and Holiday Gag Cartoons 1939 - 1955

It's getting to be a winter wonderland out there and White Christmas ain't gonna be just a song for us this year. This is a good time to ask Dick Buchanan to share his gag cartoons with us from the golden age of magazine cartooning. Well, any time is a good time, really. Now, a couple of these are a bit small, but you know what to do: right-click and open 'em in a new tab to enlarge them.

Thanks and take it away, Dick!



(1939 – 1955)

In the mid-century Cartoon World December meant just three things: Snow, Santa Claus and shopping. But to be for fair, shopping is a year-round laugh fest. With that in mind, here is the Cartoon Clip File’s 3rd annual Winter & Holiday Gag Cartoon treasury . . .

1. WILL JOHNSON. The Saturday Evening Post December 7, 1946.

2. CHON DAY. Collier’s December 3, 1949.

3. MELL LAZARUS. Here! November, 1951.

4. BARNEY TOBEY. Collier’s December 24, 1949.

5. DON TOBIN, The Saturday Evening Post February 20, 1954

6. GEORGE HAMILTON GREEN. Collier’s December 23, 1950.

7. HELEN HOKINSON. Collier’s December 16, 1939.

8. HARRY MACE. Collier’s January 7, 1955.

9. GEORGE RECKAS. The Saturday Evening Post December 25, 1948.

10. HENRY SYVERSON. The Saturday Evening Post December 10, 1955.

11. NED HILTON. Collier’s December 10, 1949.

12. BILL KING. The Saturday Evening Post December 7, 1946.

13. JERRY MARCUS. Collier’s December 24, 1949.

14. JEFF KEATE. Collier’s December 18, 1948.

15. DON TOBIN. The Saturday Evening Post December 25, 1948

16. GUSTAV LUNDBERG. Collier’s December 10, 1949.

17. IRWIN CAPLAN. Collier’s December 18, 1948.

You want more holiday and winter-themed cartoons? You pig! OK, OK. Here you are collections of Dick Buchanan's cartoons from the past couple of years. Remember to thank him!

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