Friday, December 14, 2018

LAUGH PARADE May 1969: Desert Island Gags

Above: the cover of LAUGH PARADE. The biker is whispering in her ear, "Honey, when you're with my friends, watch your language -- don't talk clean." The stunning thing to see is the casual placement of the swastika on the bike and his jacket. Pretty damn horrible.

Here are some desert island gags from LAUGH PARADE magazine, May 1969, Vol. 9 No. 3 issue. It was published by and copyright 1969 by Magazine Management Company, Inc.

"Shipwreck a cartoonist," the editor writes, "and he'll float a laugh."

Above: this one was my favorite. Hard to read the signature, but it looks like the cartoonist's name is Tann.

Above: a gag cartoon by Brad "Marmaduke" Anderson.

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Dick Buchanan said...

TANN was the cartoonist Marvin Tannenberg, major market cartoonist from mid-fifties to 1960's.