Friday, July 28, 2006

Berndt Toast Gang Meeting July 27, 2006

Dan Danglo volunteered to show some of his work at the latest Berndt Toast Gang meeting. I was asking around at the last minute. It's tradition that we have someone show their work. Unfortunately, it's getting to be tradition that I forget about it! Thanks to Dan for saving the day. Dan brought in his gag cartoons, and he had whole books of his storyboards.
"Joe Oriolo (the man behind the Felix cartoons, and creator of Casper the Friendly Ghost) would come in and describe a character, and I would sketch it out," Dan explained. 

Here's Marv Levy (Harvey Comics, Snowman's First Christmas), Dan Danglo (Felix the Cat, Casper the Friendly Ghost), Joe Edwards (Archie, Lil Jinx) and Marty Macaluso (Caricaturist)

Sandy Kossin and Elaine Duillo. Between these two talented painters, their art has appeared on hundreds of covers. Elaine has been called "Queen of the Romance Covers." She paints romance book covers. Below is just one of her works:

Aha! Now you know her work, right? Elaine's had a major retrospective at the Society of Illustrators and been part of the School of Visual Arts' 100 Year Salute. Her paintings have helped sell millions of romance books. Her grandson Josh came along and he showed a bunch of wonderful cartoon drawings of his own.

Another Berndt Toast tradition that I love: They'll Do It Every Time cartoonist and opera aficionado Al Scaduto serenades the group.
Over two dozen of us attended the luncheon and we had a grand time. We chatted about an upcoming gallery show, shared photos from last month's Bunny Bash, and had the usual shop talk.

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