Friday, July 21, 2006

Mike Lynch Cartoon in The Spectator (UK)

Here is the Pied Piper, leading the vermin out of town. One rat is saying to another:

'We must go to the shops when he's done and buy the CD.'

Spectator Britishized the gag line. The line, when I submitted the cartoon, originally was:

"We gotta go to the lobby and buy his CD."

For UK magazines, I send a batch without any SASE. Of course, I make sure each cartoon has my contact info. on it. I remember when I first mailed out submissions to European magazines I followed some advice from one of those How to Cartoon books about making sure one places International Reply Coupons into the envelope so the foreign editor can then go their post office and buy their postage to put on your SASE so you can get your returns.

Well, that never happened.

I got some International Reply Coupons. (I got them at the post office next to Grand Central Staion. They had to go into a back room to go "hunting" for the coupons. Ugh!) No editor ever used them. So now I just send cartoons out and sit and wait.

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