Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dan Goodsell's Mister Toast Blog

Dan Goodsell's Mister Toast Blog featuring Peanuts and Sugar Sweetened Goodies and Hanna Barbera and Jay Ward Studios! Here goes:

Author and Blogger and creator of "The World of Mr. Toast" Dan Goodsell showcases some Peanuts items from his collection. They're a lot of fun to look at. e has bread wrappers and other stuff that the Peanuts gang lent their likenesses to. I think it's a little weird to collect plastic things that had food in them. Don't get me wrong, they're fun to look at. But don't they get all kinda funky as the years go by? But I'm glad Mr. Goodsell has this blog. And he's the guy that cowrote Krazy Kids Food. There's lots more fun stuff here.

Years ago I met and got drunk with the guy who drew those kids with the tongues sticking out on the ice cream cone packages. I'm thinking that that's his work on the cover. He was not in the best of health, and a little bitter. I'll have to see if I can find his name. He actually mailed me a signed ice cream cone package which is ... somewhere in the apt. It was a long time ago. Over 10 years and by fluke of chance we were both vacationing on the Prince Edward Island waterfront. This was way before I became a full-time cartoonist and way before I thought I ever would/could.

I digress ...

Pretty much every American kid consumed some Dolly Madison cakes with Lucy or Linus on them, or had a toy or a puzzle or a comic book or a video of Charlie Brown. And we all pretty much know what he looks like, y'know? Even in 2006, kids will still try to draw the Peanuts gang!

OK, here's a close up of that Fort Worth Press newspaper carrier bag. He looks a little off. I mean, he just looks like someone else drew him. And there's no "Schulz" signature anywhere. I thought that was pretty much the norm.

OK, here's ... uh ... Linus. I think. It's from an ad to read the comics in the (San Diego?) Blade Tribune. This one looks like it was sketched in pen and ink by someone who knows how to use pen and ink. But poor Linus looks like he's in a funhouse mirror. No signature. I am thinking that Schulz and the syndicate would turn a blind eye to unauthorized in-house ads promoting comics like this, particularly in the early years of the strip.

And don't miss a fun entry in Dan's blog about cartoon characters and cereal. (Yeah, the kid causes a mishap to befall Bullwinkle.) Grand stuff!

By the way, I was a Quake man. My sister was into stupid ol' Quisp. So what if they tasted the same?!

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