Friday, June 30, 2006

2006 Bunny Bash

The Bunny Bash is an annual event held in June these past 26 years at the home of Bunny Hoest. This all started because Bill Hoest wanted to show some some of his cartoonist colleagues the house he was building. About a dozen cartoonists showed up for sandwiches and a tour of the then-unfinished home on the Long Island shore. Today, the event has grown. About 150 cartoonists, spouses, kids and friends got together for what turned out to be a sunny, not-too-hot afternoon. Below are a few photos from the 2006 Bash:

Above is Art Cumings, know for the long-running "Balloonheads" feature in Penthouse magazine. He's also done childrens books.

New Yorker cartoonist and one of the minds behind the Puzzability company Robert Leighton. Check out their New Yorker cartoon puzzle book.

Mad's Nick Meglin, Daily News' Bill Gallo, Robert Leighton

Bill Gallo autographing a Daily News cartoon for hostess Bunny Hoest.

Mad Magazine's Tom Richmond and Mike Lynch, who are smiling a little too enthusiastically. Tom flew in from Minnesota that morning just to be at the bash.

NY Metro cartoonist Tony Murphy gives King Features' Karen Moy a gift. I liked the way Karen was so seriously trying to figure out what it is that Tony brought her -- and then that big smile when she sees it's an original strip! Cool!

Curtis cartoonist Ray Billingsley, Mike Lynch, Archie's Stan Goldberg

Frank Springer, Al Scaduto

Mad's Ray Alma, NYC NCS Treasurer and toy designer Andy Eng, Mike Lynch. Rain and thundershowers were predicted all week, and you can see one of the big tents Bunny had erected. The rain held off, not arriving until around 7pm, well after the Bash had broken up.

Australian cartoonist Jason Chatfield and Jason's girlfriend Kate stand in awe of Tom Richmond. I think Tom, who was hoping for that "Travelled Farthest" plaque, is trying to put a good face on that fact that he's in second place thanks to Jason. Jason C. has a travel blog here.

Jason also said when we met, "Oh I know your work." He had seen some photos of me at my pal's Mark Anderson's blog. "Yes, Australians read the Andertoons blog," he told me.

Soup to Nutz cartoonist and NCS President Rick Stromoski laughs.

Ray Billingsley sketching and talking. A lot of kids were coming up to him and he was drawing Curtis for at least 20 minutes straight.

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