Friday, June 09, 2006

NYC NCS Get Together June 7, 2006

Here are some photos from last night's NYC NCS get together at the Overlook Lounge, situated on the East Side with easy access to a variety of beers and spirits.

Illustrious NYC NCS Chair Dan Piraro mugs as Amanda Hass gives us a knowing look. Amanda was telling us stories about her days in the PR department at King Features. "I'm not a cartoonist, but I love being around cartoonists."

Doug Bratton take my pen. Doug Bratton drawing picture. Doug Bratton like to draw. Look how forceful he draw. Doug Bratton ruin Mike's nib. Doug Bratton make Mike sad.

Here's Sal Amendola, of Archie and DC and Marvel comics, and, of late, a member of the School of Visual Arts faculty. Here's more from the Silver Bullet Comics site. And, to the right, are Arnie and Caroline Roth. Arnold Roth's work has appeared everywhere: Punch, Playboy, The New Yorker, etc. He's one of the most successful freelance cartoonists I know. Now, sometimes, cartoonists are wallflowers and would rather sit in the basement, drinking lemonade, watching old home movies (to paraphrase Harold Ross). This is the polar opposite of Arnie Roth's personality. He's really funny in person. He's one of those people that when he sees that he's made me laugh, will then say something even funnier under his breath, making me laugh harder. He is very quick to point out that Mell Lazarus is funnier than him, but Mell lives on the other coast. So, that make Arnie the funniest cartoonist in the NYC environs.

Sal Amendola with the looming, bumbershoot-wielding, chapeau-wearing Jay Maeder in background. My friend Jay is an author, Daily News editor and Little Orphan Annie scribe. His bio is here, at the site.

Here's Bill Alger, Mike Lynch, Doug and Pam Bratton. Bill Alger, an outstanding freelance illustrator, spends his own time and money on that Al Wiseman site and he told me about all sorts of cool stuff that will be coming up there. Go and bookmark now!

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