Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Masters of American Comics and Schulz' Vision

The Milwaukee Museum of Art hosts the Masters of American Comics exhibition through August 13th.It moves to New York City, to The Jewish Museum beginning September 15th.

This is all fine and good and I look forward to seeing the show. For now, you can view these wallpapers. There's the Spirit one above, and the Peanuts one below, as well as a Jack Kirby and a Crumb. And the cool thing is that you can see the Pro-White or Wite-Out on the art. I don't know why, but I find it interesting to see these pieces of art with their blemishes. I guess because it's a peek into the process of the artist. Keeping with tradition, Schulz work is without any Wite-Out. I was told by the person employed by the United Media syndicate whose job it was to open up Schulz original strips, that Schulz did not have any Wite-Out on his strips. This person's job was to check the strips for grammar and spelling. There were, I was told in a serious tone, no grammar or spelling mistakes. I think this story is retold in a Schulz book. Anyway, I heard it from the source, and tend to believe it. That's one heckuva persistence of vision.


Bill Alger said...

I need to remember to check out that show!

Mike Lynch said...

The cool thing, Bill, is that they are going to have panels this fall (I beleive it will be in October) featuring Mort Drucker, Jerry Robonson and Stan Goldberg.