Friday, June 09, 2006

Here is the reason why I don't produce more cartoons than I do:

That's our sweet Roo, who is between my mouse and my 2006 Dog Cartoon Desk Calendar. As soon as I got out the camera, he took his place in the midst of the rubble on the desk. Such timing!

Roo was an adult kitty who was found in Red Hook, Brooklyn. He had been tied to a railing with a urine soaked string. That's all we know.

A cat rescuer woman found him -- a big red cat with a big giant head -- and brought him into the vet's office in the fall of 2003. We were at the vet's, looking for an adult kitty to adopt. We had 3 cats for many years, until one of our kitties died. It was time to get another.

"Have you met Big Head?" asked one of the vet techs. So, she brought in this big orange cat and plunked him on my wife's lap.

He stayed there, motionless, while my wife talked to him. He was patted and cuddled. For a good 15 minutes he sat on her lap, very still, very quiet.

And then he let out a big poop.

A couple of (thankfully) dryish turds tumbled from the cat to the floor. All the time, the orange cat didn't move. A vet tech came in and apologized. She said, "Oh, I'm so sorry. Do you want me to take him?" I thought it was a good idea. This cat was obviously not socialized and was a bad choice.

"No. I -- I love him," said my wife, holding him even tighter on her lap.

And so we adopted Rufus. Or "Roo" for short.

And he does use the litter box, and is very, very social. A sweet guy who is a fine addition to our furry family. (How did she know?!)

He really does look like that cat in the poster.

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