Friday, June 02, 2006

Dennis the Menace & Marcus Hamilton & Al Wiseman & Bill Alger

For such a terror of a child, Dennis sure attracts some swell guys to chronicle his adventures.

Swell Person #1: Marcus Hamilton, who draws the Dennis daily panel, mailed the above sketch to me this month, thanking me for the DTM site I blogged about. Gee whiz! I love it! What a cool thing to get in the mail. Marcus, you are a true gentleman and I thank you for a wonderful surprise!

Swell Person #2: The Al Wiseman Blog, all about the guy who (among other projects) drew tons of the Dennis comic books, is put together by my colleague Bill Alger. Bill's a terrific illustrator in his own right, but at this site he steps aside and shines the spotlight on Mr. Wiseman. Today's entry: Al Wiseman: An Appreciation by Mike Lynch.

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