Wednesday, January 26, 2011

James Kochalka: Cartoonist Laureate of Vermont

Photo of James Kochalka nicked from Wired.

Congratulations to James Kochalka, the new (and first ever) Cartoonist Laureate of the state of Vermont.

Above from Mr. Kochalka's site American Elf.

Via James Armitage of Digital Spy:

Best known as the creator of American Elf, the artist and writer has also produced various Top Shelf works including SuperF**kers, Johnny Boo and Dragon Puncher.

Kochalka is a faculty member of the Center for Cartoon Studies and runs an annual school cartoonist workshop in his home town of Burlington.

"By establishing the nation's first cartoonist laureate, Vermont adds an illustrious (pun intended) honour to its long lists of state 'firsts'," said Vermont Arts Council executive director Alex Aldrich.

"In recognising the literary and artistic merit of a medium that has truly come-of-age, Vermont is the first to affirm cartoonists' international impact on social, cultural and political issues. In doing so, it has also become a safe haven, if not a Mecca of sorts, for all who are passionate about the art form."

Kochalka's appointment will be celebrated by a day of events scheduled for early March.

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jamie said...

Technically the nation's 2nd Laureate, as Chad Carpenter ("Tundra") bagged one in 2008 (affirming Alaska as a safe haven or mecca, not so much).