Thursday, January 20, 2011


The Gold Key Comics Blog scans in an entire issue of MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER. With art by the late, great Russ Manning (and a script by Herb Castle), this was one of the MAGNUS comics I owned as a kid.

Magnus was a big beefy guy -- a square jawed hero-type who had a brilliant mind and a fierce uppercut. When the servant robots got out of control, which happened every issue, he was the man to knock 'em down.

Seeing this comic takes me back to growing up in Lawrence, Kansas and riding my bike (with parental permission - since I had to cross busy Route 40) to get to the local 7-11 store. Once there, I would ogle their comics rack, making judgments on what to buy based on the change in my pocket and the garish covers! Always a challenge!

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Mark Anderson said...

I love envisioning you as a kid buying comics!

OK gotta go read this one now...