Friday, January 07, 2011

Jim Woodring's 7 Foot Pen

Above: the "artist's conception" by and of Jim Woodring and his 7 foot tall pen.

Graphic novelist Jim Woodring has created a very large dip pen pen and will give a public demonstration this month.

From Scott Thrill's article about Jim Woodring at WIRED:

Artist and cartoonist Jim Woodring has a professional fetish for the pen and inkwell. So he’s built a 7-foot-tall version to show off to noobs and silence fluid-dynamics doubters.

His outsize version of the traditional steel dip pen, with its lengthy poplar handle, is a calligrapher’s inky dream. It features a brass-plated, hand-engraved, 16-inch steel nib and comes with an inkwell vase filled with blended acrylic ink.

The rest is here.

Below: a video closeup of the nib itself.

About a foot of the 7 foot pen is this nib.

Hat tip to Adrian Sinnott!

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