Thursday, March 24, 2011


Here's the new trailer for the CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER theatrical movie. What I didn't know about it was that the thingis very much like the Simon & Kirby original story: Steve Rogers, a scrawny 90 lb. weakling is unfit to join the US Army, is transformed via some scientific hoo hah into a super soldier. Like the original comic book, the movie is a WW2 period piece. With a supporting cast that includes Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci, this one bears a look.

Hat tip to John "Shep" Sheppard!

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Jeff P said...

Yeah, I've been following this since the first trailers came out around the time of the Super Bowl. A favorite character from my childhood, introduced to me by my Dad. I wish he were cognizant enough to see it with me.

I have to say I held no hope for this movie, but what I've seen now impresses me. Still, I've also seen plenty of impressive trailers that led to god-awful films.