Monday, March 21, 2011

Cartoonist Dragged by Taxi; Drawing Hand "Shredded"

Australia: GINGER MEGGS cartoonist and comedian Jason Chatfield was dragged, his arm stick in the passenger side window of a Melbourne taxi, for 15 meters, before falling. He had a seizure and lost consciousness.

The incident took place at Elizabeth St and Collins St about 3.20am Sunday morning, March 20th.

Jason describes what happened. This is from the Sydney Morning Herald story:

"'My girlfriend seems to think it was my watch band that got caught,' he said, nursing serious injuries to his head, his left shoulder, arm and hand.

"'The driver slammed his foot on the accelerator, pulling away much faster than I could keep up running, so I was dragged along, before slamming head-first into the road on my right side.

"'My head and shoulder took the brunt, as the rest of the right side of my body dragged along the bitumen, damaging my drawing arm and scraping off the skin at the shoulder, elbow and wrist.'"

The cabbie is unidentified and there are no leads.

"'I'm a cartoonist. I have to draw and my drawing arm is damaged ... I mean, cut off my legs, but don't cut off my drawing hand, you know. I really need my right hand for work."'

More at Jason Chatfield's blog here.

I wish Jason all the best for a speedy, complete recovery -- and here's hoping you can make it, as planned, to the 2011 Reubens weekend.

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