Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mike Shapiro Interview

Veteran gag cartoonist Mike Shapiro is interviewed by Mike Rhode for The Washington Paper.

I learned about Mike Shapiro's extensive cartooning background:

"I went to The Joe Kubert School and studied animation. At the time the great Milt Neil was running the program. Before that I took Mort Gerberg's well-known magazine cartooning class at Parsons. Around that time I also took a class from Paul Peter Porges at The New School. Finally, after I got out of school, I was fortunate to work as an assistant to Sy Barry on "The Phantom" for about six years. Sy taught me a lot about being a professional, meeting deadlines, and in general helped me improve my work. He's a great guy and a great artist."
Like Mike, I took Mort Gerberg's class -- and I also know Sy Barry (but I never worked as his assistant)! It's a small cartoony world.

The rest is here.


Roy Delgado said...

Mike and I had lunch back in the late 90's I believe. We met at a Silver Diner in Northern Virginia. He had just moved from the NY area to the Washington, DC area where I had my sign shop. I ilke his clean sophisticated lines. Followed his work for years. Good cartoonist.

Mike Shapiro said...

Thanks, Roy, and Mike. Hope you're both doing well. I always look forward to seeing your work around!