Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 Reubens Weekend

Above: Mike Lynch and the winner of the Reuben Award: my friend Richard Thompson!

The 65th annual Reuben Awards weekend was held in beautiful, downtown Boston, at the historic Copley Hotel. The Award winners are listed here.

Now, a few photos of the hundreds of cartoonists in attendance during the 3 day event.

National Cartoonists Society President Jeff Keane, dressed in Revolutionary War regalia for the Awards dinner, looks askance at 21st century technology.

NCS Secretary John Kovaleski and Mengxin Li, winner of last year's Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship. Both are lovely and talented. Mengxin's art blows me away!

All the way from Jersey: Award winning illustrator Lori Triefeldt and Rein Triefeldt.

Chapter Chairs (and my good friends) Adrian Sinnott (Long Island) and Tom Stemmle (New Jersey). These guys work hard.

Shaenon Garrity, Brian Moore and Andrew Farago. Three terrific people in the comics biz.

Two from The New Yorker: Zachary Kanin and Farley Katz.

There was a giant shell in the ballroom and I had to have my photo taken in front of it! From left: Alexandra DiTuillio, Mike Lynch and Mengxin Li.

The Aussies copy my photo concept: Jason Chatfield and Luke Watson in a serious conversation in front of that shell.

Bob Rich and NCS Division Newspaper Illustration Award Winner Michael McParlane strike a pose.

The Jeff Kinney seminar was SRO.

Abrams Comicarts, Mad Magazine and Archie: Rachel and Charlie Kochman, Nick Meglin, Stan and Pauline Goldberg.

An angle of the Reuben Awards ballroom.

Another angle of the ballroom, with the stage in the background. Cartoonists clean up good.

The one and only Scott Shaw! fresh from California and Mike Lynch. We talked about our love for the great cartoonist Orlando Busino! Orlando, if you're out there, were your ears buzzing this weekend?

Jason Chatfield, Bunny Hoest and Anton Emdin.

Table 17: Alexandra DiTuillio and Mengxin Li.

My friends: NCS Award Winner (and one of that night's nominees) Sean Kelly and his lovely wife Megan.

Two hard working guys: Mark Tatulli and Awards host Tom Gammill.

Two reasons to buy books: NCS Award Nominee for his graphic novel MARKET DAY James Sturm and Jeff DIARY OF A WIMPY KID Kinney.

NCS Gold Key winner Roy Doty and his entourage!

Chari Pere, Sally Mitchell, Mell Lazarus and David Silverman.

The big event: the Reuben Award. That fellow adjusting his glasses at the bottom of the photo is Richard Thompson. To the right of him, is Award presenter Mort Walker.

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Brian Fies said...

Terrific, Mike. Thanks for the pics and report.