Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy Birthday, Stan Goldberg!

Happy 79th birthday Stan Goldberg -- or "Stan G." as he used to be credited at Marvel.

Stan has been in the comic book business for over 50 years. To say he has done everything might be an understatement. He is also a terrific fellow, someone you could chat with for hours. I am honored to call him a friend.

In celebration, let's peek at the cover story to CHILI #21, February 1973. I had not heard of CHILI until I saw one at my comic book store, Jetpack Comics. It was in one of three long boxes of 1970s comics they received last week.

Chili is, sadly, defined by her hatred. She's "Millie's Red-Headed Rival!" as the cover notes. Millie being, of course, MILLIE THE MODEL -- another Stan G. creation at Marvel. Here's Chili in "She's Out of This World!"

Below is a mod Chili mini-poster:

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