Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Here's an ad for Reel-O-Rama, which promises

"Breath taking, beautiful models, that you can almost REACH in and hold in your arms, brought to you by the medium of color, 3 dimensional photography.

"Seven pairs of different poses in each reel at an amazing cost of a $1.50 per reel."

And for only $9, you can get all of the reels (Kitty, Carol, Mary, Su-Ann, Renee and Juanita) and a Viewmaster viewer!

It's the only advertisement in this digest titled WHAM! There is no cover date, except for the "Oct." on the cover and no indicia. The cover is by George Wolfe, will all color cartoons by many cartoonists including Al Ross, Al Kaufman, Wenzel, Art Gates, KAZ Jack Markow and others.

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nonim said...

can you post the tessie story by any chance