Thursday, August 16, 2012

1945 British Pathé Short: MEET GILES, CARTOONIST

Daily Express cartoonist Giles is the guest in this Pathé Personality Pictorial short from 1945 titles "Meet Giles, Cartoonist:"

"Yes. Giles is the name. He's a concerned snooper. Always noting down details wherever he goes to be used later on in one of those drawings that thousands of readers turn to first when the Daily Express or the Sunday Express arrives in the morning."

This is the first time I have ever seen footage of Giles, a cartoonist who a couple of generations grew up with. Foe decades, there was a yearly Giles Annual book produced and so many cartoonists I know have one or more.

I like how he goes onsite to sketch -- to make sure he gets details right in the finished drawing. I, too, have drawn in a chair in my garden, but I have to get my own strong coffee.

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