Monday, August 06, 2012

Interview: Ray Billingsley

 Above photo of Ray Billingsley holding up a Curtis comic strip original by Lindsay Niegelberg for The Stamford Advocate.

Upon the occasion of his comic strip CURTIS near to 25 years old, Ray Billingsley gives an interview to The Stamford Advocate's John Breunig.

As the strip approaches its 25th anniversary, Billingsley jokes that he has become a recluse who is wary of the demands of fame that can accompany his daily presence in his readers' lives. He summons an exchange he once had with the late Schulz, perhaps the most famous name in the medium. "Fame doesn't keep the fleas off the dog," Snoopy's creator told him. While he appreciates the feedback he receives from readers in places such as Africa, Brazil and Italy, Billingsley says he savors the "peace and solitude" he discovered upon moving to Stamford 11 years ago.

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