Monday, August 27, 2012

Comic Book and Cartoon Advertisements

Above: art for the 25th anniversary of STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION. Copyright 2012 CBS.

Here are some comic and cartoon advertisements that I have collected either because they are visually interesting, bring back memories or are just odd.

Below -- A promo for the PBS TV show 3-2-1 CONTACT. Kids: while sinking to the sea bottom don't play with an electronic device while a shark and monkey look on:

Some cereal-related characters do not catch on: "The Adventures of Apple and Cinnaman in 'Defenders of the Sprinkles #2'" from a 1992 Cheerios box:

A couple of advertisements with cartoons by Chon Day. 1941 Niagara Lithograph Inc.:

Ruppert Beer, 1947:

Cleveland Indians, 1951:

TOONERVILLE TROLLEY's Fontaine Fox for Post's 40% Bran Flakes:

Fruit Stripe Gum 1980:

Some cool Justice Society bookends circa 2001!

One of the may Marge's LITTLE LULU ads for Kleenex. This one is from 1950:

There was a Kool-Aid Man video game in 1983? News to me:

Post Pebbles cereal, 1997:

More proto-video game ads: Q-Bert, 1983:

O.J. Simpson for Spot Bilt shoes, 1980:

"Get the Official Medallion!" for the 50th Birthday of Superman, 1988:

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