Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Boss Cartoons

Here are some cartoons I drew about bosses. Want to use these for your site or newsletter? You need to ask me the guy who drew them: Mike Lynch mike [at] mikelynchcartoons.com.

Above: from Reader's Digest, a rather mean-speaking CEO.

When I was first drawing gag cartoons, I looked around and saw that most of the outlets were business cartoons.

So, I let the markets dictate my subject matter.

But you can't make money by making jokes that portray the company boss as a class A moron.

You can poke fun at CEOs, but you can only go so far. Here are a few business cartoons, mostly about bosses.

Here we go.

I like all the cords running off of all of the boss's desk here. The day will come soon enough when this, like a big, white boxy monitor, will be a thing of the past. Heaven knows who that bust is supposed to be. Maybe Alexander Hamilton, now that I think about it.

Corporate culture is something that's rife with humor. It doesn't take much imagination to tweak some the odd things companies do:

Nice to know that's there. We all need this.

Below is one of my favorites. The cartoon implies a ridiculous story behind the merger, and that's enough for a laugh.

Below is a real early cartoon, probably one of my initial one hundred cartoons I drew. I've always liked this wordless panels that detail the ironies of work and home life.

Below, the "portents of doom" are waiting in this cartoon that originally appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education. I really don't know what will happen next, but I like this set up.

Below: aI like the fact that this boss is a really a small guy, except for his huge gut.

The below cartoon sold a couple of times. It is a nasty boss who does this to an employee, but it's so outrageous that it's forgivable.

From Forbes Magazine, sage words from a boss to a child. The hard part here was to telegraph that the fellow in the chair was a businessman.

Look at this over dramatic guy! Clutching his heart now that he's tasted coconut!

Below is one of my favorite cartoons. I believe this originally appeared in Harvard Business Review.

Below: a rare unpublished cartoon.

The below cartoon appeared in the UK version of Reader's Digest.

Thanks for taking a peek at some of these silly cartoons I drew.

Like I said: if you want to use these for your presentation or Web site, you need to ask me the guy who drew them: Mike Lynch mike [at] mikelynchcartoons.com.

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Clifford Magnus Larsen said...

Love the wordless one of the boss and employee yelling at each other!

Tell me that getting your cartoons published in those magazines was as easy as sending it to them and being patient?!?!?!?!?!?!?