Friday, December 21, 2012

Preview: RACONTEUR #4

The new issue of RACONTEUR, "true stories by cartoonists," ships this week. That terrific cover above is by David Jacobson. If you already ordered RACONTEUR # 4 or the RACONTEUR 4-pack discount deal, then these will be shipping out to you automatically.

Want a copy? Here's the button:

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Here's a preview from all of the cartoonists who contributed:

David Jacobson tells us about his holiday tradition in "Latkes." Just look at this amazing splash page:

John Klossner weaves a story of fear and bad jobs you get when you're a teenager in "Here Comes Santa Hippity Hoppity:"

Jeff Pert writes and draws about boyhood Christmases in Maine in his "Christmas on Lee St.:"

I (Mike Lynch) tell a story about childhood angst in "No Chimney? No Problem!:"


Thanks for your support!

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