Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Cartoonists in College

Above: A drawing by a college age Peter Arno.

Here are a few early works by college-age cartoonists who went on to fame and fortune in later years. These are culled from the book COLLEGE HUMOR, which is edited by Dan Carlinsky and copyright 1982 by Carlinsky & Carlinsky.

I didn't know that  humorist Robert Benchley liked to draw cartoons when he was young!

Ted Geisel AKA Dr. Seuss:

Milton Caniff:

 Mort Walker:

 Rube Goldberg:

 Another writer who also dabbled in cartoons, S.J. Perelman:

Whitney Darrow, Jr.:

Ed Koren:

 Gilbert Shelton:

Rowland Wilson:

Tony Auth:

Want more? Please check out Eli Stein's We All Have To Start Somewhere feature.

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Dan Reynolds said...

I actually have this book, too, in my library. It's a unique book.
I'd like to see one of cartoonists work when they were elementary school...