Friday, July 19, 2013

George Grosz

"Riot of the Insane" by George Grosz, 1915.

“It was my first encounter with the works of the German artist George Grosz, when I was in my twenties, which showed me that drawing need not just be a space-filler in a newspaper: in the hands of an honest man, drawing could be a weapon against evil…."
- Ralph Steadman

Haunted by the Great War, George Grosz was an artist -- arguably a fine cartoonist -- whose work has impacted others for generations. 

Above: "One Little Angel More. One Conscript Less?" a 1948 lithograph.

Austin Kleon has a fine article on the man here.

As for me, I'll just post a few images this morning so you can see for yourself the power that these drawings still have.


docnad said...

Fantastic draughtsmanship! Grosz was a great modern master.

The Spine said...

Many thanks for this. I can definitely see a hint of his work in Steadman.