Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maine Antique Stores July 14, 2013

Antique stores and flea markets have a wealth of graphic inspiration. Here are some photos from a few.

The "W.C. Fields How To Be A Great Lover" novelty gift. This is a real gift that I saw in an antique store. You open it up and there's a fifth of bourbon in there.

Actually, no. Upon second glance, it was Sarsaparilla Gold Cologne (whatever that is). The front of the box has the quote: "A magnanimous gift of wisdom to set the little chickadees all a-twit."

Do they still make board games? Love the art on this.

Antique shop exterior along Route 1.

A commemorative plate. Somehow when I think "Six Gun City," I don't think of Jefferson, NH.

The Show 'n Tell Phono-Viewer would play 45 rpm and 33 rpm records. Um ... ya'll know what THOSE were? Anyway, it also played these special records that came in a cardboard foldout holder, one side for the record and another held a filmstrip on a long card. You shove the strip in and play the record, and then the screen shows the slides automatically as the record plays. It was amazing.

A metal snowman asks for a hug. Actually, that could be a pitch for a new TV series these days, huh?

Cool transport.

A very loving, sentimental poem on this pillow, which is now for sale in a dusty old shop. So sad.

I cannot make out two of the words, but here goes my translation:

U.S. Air Force
Mother and Dad
In all the years I've known you both
You've planned and strived for me
Through sacrifice of everything
That could a pleasure be
This ----- of ---- I am sending to you
Just as a thought from me
Fort Devens, Mass.


Smeghead2068 said...

Loved the Bookshelf games by 3M.

Mike Lynch said...

Yeah, that "foil" game cover reminded me that there used to be a good number of serious strategy games with these cool illustrations on them.

There must be a blog or Tumblr devoted to them somewhere, eh?