Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Garden As of July 1, 2013

Above: Sam looks out the window -- not at the greenery, but at all of the mommy and daddy birds with their baby birds at the (out of view) bird feeder. Mmm. Baby birds are so sweet.

Here's the vegetable garden. It's all green and jungly because there's been rain, rain, rain for several weeks.

Those big leaves by the water can are the butternut squash plants, which are growing at an alarming rate.

A closer angle on those crazy squash plants. These guys are only a few weeks old, but they are HUGE. Behind them, in the tomato cages are (DUH!) tomatoes. To the left, a row of spinach and to the right, 2 rows of turnips.

Mostly Roma tomatoes in this box, with a few heirlooms in there for good measure. Romas are meaty, and make for great sauces. Heirlooms are big and fresh from the vine, they are some of the most tasty tomatoes.

Foreground: squash. Background: sweet potatoes.

And, the last 2 mini-boxes: peppers, even more tomatoes, cucumbers.

The big change this year is going for a lot more tomatoes -- this is all so we can can more. And you know  what? It's not so hard. You can can too! Can it be easy to can? you may ask. Yes ... it can!

Ha ha ha ha ha.

OK, go to another blog now! Come back soon when I am not so punny.


RandyGlasbergen said...

Geez, Mike, you really know how to put a guy and his garden to shame.

Jessie Taylor said...

Great googely moogely! I've heard two different schools of thought on planting peppers and tomatoes together. One school says its bad, the other school says it's good. Any input on this??

Anonymous said...

I have garden envy.