Monday, September 16, 2013

Head in the Clouds

The 138th annual Rochester (NH) Fair began on Friday, and goes through Sunday, September 22nd. You can see by the photo that it features a school bus demolition derby.

The Hippo newspaper, sadly, has a couple of very bad spellings -- not just typos -- on page 44 of its September 12-18 issue..

So I thought I'd correct them.

You can shoot pumpkins at a school bus from a cannon, not a "canon" as the above story states.

And, in the info. box, it misstates the admission:

Cost: $14 admission, children under 36 feet receive free admission ....
Since we all tend to meet that description, then I believe that's an error.

The Hippo is a free newspaper that deserves some decent proofreading.

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