Monday, September 16, 2013

The Garden As of September 15, 2013

Scraggly. That's what it is.

We're at the end of the season now. The trees are just starting to turn. We'll have a couple of nights in the upper 30s. The hummingbirds are still coming to the feeder, but soon they'll be migrating south.

The winter squash, attacked by the vine borers, is now pulled up. There are only a few tomato plants in this box.

The tomatoes in this box are weighing down the tomato cages.

Yellow squash and, behind that, sweet potatoes.

Peppers, cucumbers and a few more tomatoes.

And here are a few flower pics to round things out:

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Mike said...

Are you aware that, if you uproot your tomato plants and hang them roots up from the pipes in your cellar, that the tomatoes will continue to ripen nicely? Put some newspaper under to catch the dirt as it dries plus a few stray leaves. Extends the garden by two or three weeks.