Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Ogunquit, ME Thrift Shop: Bill Mauldin's UP FRONT

Saw this nice little 8mm film of Mauldin's UP FRONT with David Wayne and Tom Ewell at an Ogunquit, Maine thrift shop for $10. I assume this is a shortish clip without sound (as all of the 8mm films were). Looked to be in darn nice condition. Do people still buy these 8mm movies? Are there still home movie clubs? Where do they get their new projector bulbs from? I wonder ....

Oh, the reason I took this photo: David Wayne is reading a comic book while bombs explode. See? You can see it's a comic book because it has "Comics" on the cover. Love it.

It was $10. I did not buy it.

Edit: Oops. It's a Super 8 movie, so there could be sound on the thing. 

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Dan Reynolds said...

I've vacationed in Ogunquit a few times. I love the Maine beaches!