Thursday, February 20, 2014

Famous Cartoon Voice Actors in Live Action Films

The faces behind the voices! YouTuber Raquello has put these together, with annotated samples of the animated and live-action movies through the years.

Here's the description:

Ever wonder what the actors who voice your favorite cartoon characters really look like? Well, here's your chance to find out in this three part compilation of live action scenes of some of the most famous cartoon voice actors in the history of animation. In this first episode we feature:
Mae Questel
Billy Bletcher
Alan Reed
Jean Vander Pyl

Arthur Q. Bryan
George O'Hanlon
Frank Nelson
Bill Thompson
Hans Conried
and Julie Bennett

Bea Benaderet
Mel Blanc
Arnold Stang
John Stephenson
and Walter Tetley
We would have liked to have included Daws Butler and June Foray, but unfortunately were unable to find any footage beyond interviews. If some turns up perhaps there will be a fourth episode of this exciting and interesting series for animation and film buffs.

Wally Maher
June Foray
Hal Smith
Paul Frees
Elvia Allman
Julie Bennett
David Seville (Ross Bagdasarian)
Julie Bennett was featured in an earlier video, but makes a return engagement because we couldn't resist using that commercial. Sorry for no Alvin clip, but it seems the Alvin people are touchy about people posting their videos on YouTube, so we'll do without it.

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Love these.