Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to Start a Blog

Blog cartoons by me, Mike Lynch, originally appeared in Prospect Magazine (top) and Harvard Business Review (down there).

I was asked in an email "How does one start a blog?" I wrote a short note back, and thought I would share my response here.

I use Blogger because Blogger is free and Blogger blogs appear on Google searches, which draw more people to your blog. 
I began my blog in 2006. Within a few years, it had a reputation as a "go to" place for cartoonists. Lots of people liked it and its presence has helped awareness of who I am and what I do. 
But, look out: there is no equation like "the number of hours I spend doing my blog equals a specific dollar of income." Or, in fancy CPA-speak, there's no exact ROI formula. 
Anyway, I do it because I enjoy it and that's really the secret to maintaining a blog: that you are excited to share stuff.  

And by stuff I mean "content." You have to have new content, every day. Content drives traffic to your blog.  
Blogging takes time and there are certainly days when it's particularly grinding to wake up and wonder, What will I put up on my blog today?  
Hope this helps. I get thousands of people to my blog every day -- and even the stuff on the blog that isn't about cartooning (like the posts about our garden) generate page views and comments.  
Good luck with your new blog!


Mike Perry said...

Agree with what your write about starting a blog - but most of all it must be enjoyable.

Some great cartoons on your blog!

Sam Henderson said...

I would also add that if you have a Facebook or Twitter page, mention each post there. Initially you'll only be telling people you know but it's still good for word of mouth.

Sam Henderson said...

Also when you plug other blogs on your sidebar, often they'll find out about you in their stats and do the same.

CreativeBiren said...

Its almost a year,I started my new blog,but I've been following your blog since 2008. Thanks for the inspiration Sir.