Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 6, 2014: "Savers" in Newington, NH: Cool Record Covers

Some nicely designed retro record covers seen in thrift store.

One thing you can't tell: except for the first two, these are all 45RPM 7 inch records! They are not regular size LPs.

Some inspirational design here -- at least so far as I'm concerned. And, no, I did not buy these. I just took the photos and put them back. Is that bad?

Such a nice looking group, this Lynchburg (no relation) Baptist College Chorale. Where are they now?

The provocatively steamy cover of Tabu.

Love the juxtaposition of illustration and graphic design and photo.

Oh to be the tiny couple dancing/drowning in the pink champagne glass!

Morton Downey Sings! Not the guy with the 80s TV show, but his dad. Love the cartoon dudes with the pilgrim hats!

A big pink John Philip Sousa head will make these singles fly off the shelf!

Shep Fields looks more like an account than a guy that can ripple anyone's rhythm. But, mama always said not to judge a person by their looks.

The floating red, white and blue masks of Freddy Martin and His Orchestra. What they all got to do with Marie Antoinette here in anyone's guess.

The Capitol REcords' Ray Anthony "Daddy Long Legs" cover is simple and evocative of its time.

Love the colors on this Guy Lombardo one.

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