Monday, April 14, 2014

British Pathé Short Film: Cartoonist Rowland Emett at Home (1963)

("The Vintage Car of the Future," on display at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. Photo by Jeff Powell.)

The British cartoonist Rowland Emett (1906-1990) should have a renaissance. He drew crazily detailed cartoons of the strangest trolleys/blimps/etc. you ever saw. Before he did the drawing, he created a "whimsical kinetic drawing" of it, according to this British Pathé short:

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Mike Rhode said...

This is great stuff - thanks for finding it, Mike!

Brendini said...

I met Emett's ex-gardener working as a waiter in Corfu a couple of years ago. He said that Emett was a complete gentleman. He also witnessed Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's progress from rough drawing to final build in Emett's workshop.