Tuesday, April 01, 2014

JOHNNY THUNDER "Battle for Mesa City" Art by Mort Drucker and Sy Barry

(A terrific cover by Alex Toth adorns JOHNNY THUNDER #3.)

Outside of the monthly Berndt Toast Gang luncheons, this is the only other time I have seen Mort Drucker and Sy Barry together.

Here in DC's JOHNNY THUNDER #3 (Jul-Aug 1973) is a reprint of the 6 page story "Battle for Mesa City"(which originally appeared in ALL-STAR WESTERN #71 June-July 1953). The story is by Robert Kanigher, and the art chores by Mort Drucker and Sy Barry. Mort and Sy live on Long Island and are members of the Long Island National Cartoonists Society chapter. I had no idea they ever worked together.

I also thought that, since they have many fans, then this story would already be on the web. But no! I did not find it. So, I warmed up the scanner and give you these pages.

I have included a house ad for the then-new PREZ comic book (about a teenager becoming president of the country) and a subscription form ("15 consecutive issues for $3.00!").

Contents copyright 1973 by National Periodicals Publications, Inc.

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My new goal for the day is to work "owlhoot" into at least three sentences. Job well done, Mike!