Friday, April 18, 2014

Mike Lynch is "Mr. Comics Smarty-Pants" by Brian Fies

I talked about how there's a Walt Kelly quote on the wall of a grocery store, and how none of the employees know who on earth he is. So, I have been lecturing them, there in the checkout line, about Mr. Kelly; that he's a famous cartoonist, the creator of POGO, etc.

My pal, the award winning graphic novelist and writer Brian Fies, in the comments section (see link above), imagined the employees' reaction when I am around.

So, I drew it up.

Here ya go:


Brian Fies said...

A-hahahahahahahahaha! That's great!

You are a funny, talented man and I'm honored to (unknowingly) collaborate with you.

Mike Peterson said...

I'm gonna go to Hannaford and tell them all about Grundoon.

Phil Chill Hill said...

HAHA this is brilliant and probably pretty close to what I'm like just starting out annoying everyone with trivia..who knew in less than 5 panels you'd have Charles Addams, Hal Foster and Stephan Pastis it gentlemen. New fan

Unknown said...

Brilliant! Love it and supermarket purchases of beer and cat food is perfect!!!

Unknown said...
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john k said...

when is the next episode?