Tuesday, December 23, 2014

British Christmas Comic Posters from Denis Gifford

Here are some covers from "Denis Gifford's famous collection" of Christmas kids' comics from years past. These are terrific examples of some great art by British funny animal-type cartoonists of the 1930s. The book, copyright Mr. Gifford, collects the covers of many of the pre war comics with the aim for your to slice up the book and hang them about your room.

These scans are nice and big, so if you toss them onto a new window ( window on your computer, I mean), you can really see them well. These are all copyright Amalgamated Press.

Roy Wilson, RADIO FUN, 24 December 1938 (No. 11), Amalgamated Press

Roy Wilson, Happy Days, 31 December 1938 (No. 13), Amalgamated Press

 Freddie Compton, PLAYBOX, 24 December 1938 (No.723), Amalgamated Press

John Jukes, THE JOKER MERRY XMAS NUMBER, 2 January 1937 (No. 479). Amalgamated Press

 Freddie Compton, THE SUNBEAM GRAND CHRISTMAS NUMBER, 2 January 1932 (No. 309), Amalgamated Press

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