Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Children's Digest Adaptation: "The Mellops Strike Oil" by Tomi Ungerer

This February 1965 issue of Choldren's Digest had a couple of great things: a cover (no credit given) that made me pick it up, and a Merry Mellops story by Tomi Ungerer.

The Merry Mellops are a family of industrious pigs and in this one, they find oil. Mr. Mellop has the kids do research. For one thing, they look for fossils and take them to the local museum to see if they are the appropriate kind one would find in oil-rich country. And Mr. Mellop goes to the library to figure out how to build an oil derrick. The terrific thing about the story, which is copyright 1958 by Jean Thomas Ungerer, is that it shows a family unafraid of doing new things and tells us how to educate yourself to get these things done the right way.

This is an opportunity to see Mr. Ungerer at the beginning of a great decade of writing and drawing. Please, enjoy.

The reproduction is wanting since it was printed duotone on cheap newsprint nearly 50 years ago.

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