Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Here are some more scans from the RUSS COCHRAN'S COMIC ART AUCTION #66 catalog. Some great low prices (since it's from 2003) and an amazing array of originals from the famous (Blondie, Nancy, Flash Gordon) to the really obscure (Smidgens, Dinky Dinkerton, Jackson Twins).

Part 1 is here.

Raeburn Van Buren, Abbie an' Slats

Darrell McClure, Little Annie Rooney

Chic Young, Blondie

Ernie Bushmiller, Nancy

Tack Knight, Little Folks

Dick Brooks, Jackson Twins

Al McWilliams, Davy Jones

Alex Kotsky, Apartment 3-G

Frank Willard, Moon Mullins

Art Sansom, Born Loser

Mell Lazarus, Miss Peach

Gene Deitch, Terr'ble Thompson

Hank Ketcham, Half Hitch

Bud Sagendorf, Popeye

Bob Young, Tim Tyler's Luck

Dan Barry, Flash Gordon

Dan Barry, Flash Gordon

Edgar Martin, Boots and Her Buddies

Leon Dworkins, Buck Rogers

Gus Edson/Irwin Hasen, Dondi

Ed Dodd, Mark Trail

Edgar Martin, Boots and Her Buddies

Art Huhta, Dinky Dinkerton, Secret Agent

Stan Drake, Apartment 3-G

Jack Bender, Don Martin's The Nutheads

Howie Schneider, Eek and Meek

Bob Cordray, Smidgens

Dick Cavalli, Winthrop


Part 1 is here.

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