Friday, March 06, 2015

"I Am a Famous Writer and I Want You to Draw my Graphic Novel for Free"

"Hi, I'm a five-time award-winning author. I want you to draw a graphic novel!

"Oh, I can't tell you who I am and I can't pay you. Okay?"

In an advertisement titled Artist Needed for Graphic Novel, an unnamed author asks for someone to draw a graphic novel version of his or her book. Maybe it's one of those books that won one of those five awards.

Here's the ad copy:



I am a 5 time award winning author with an incredible deal for the right person.

If you adapt my novel into a graphic novel, my publisher will publish it for you.

That means you will get paid on copies sold.

That means you can then submit your own work and be able to say you've been published before.

That means experience....exposure...Oh...

and we will take both the graphic novel AND the novel to a Hollywood producer.

And no, this isn't a scam.

I just can't get an artist to give up THEIR graphic novel idea....which is soo short sighted. You can always come back to it...but I am giving you the chance to BE PUBLISHED!


Develop characters based on novel. (It's a series, so if this one flies, we can continue)

Be self starter.

Be able to show weekly the progress made.

Have integrity.

I am offering the right person/artist an amazing opportunity, but you have to finish the job.

It can be in color or black and white (though sepia might be cool as well)


I am an old Marvel fan.

I like more realistic graphics.

Hate Japanimation or anything resembling anime.

Looking at 90 pages of the novel.


Of course, if you are are in the industry, you know that this is not how a professional does things. Heck, even if you ARE NOT in the industry!

I'm sure there are some eager responses to this advertisement. And, I know that everyone can see this is a bad, bad deal. It's especially bad that a fellow creative would prey on another, holding out the hope that this would be their big break. "I am giving you the chance to BE PUBLISHED!" so promises the author.

From the ad copy:

"If you adapt my novel into a graphic novel, my publisher will publish it for you.
"That means you will get paid on copies sold."

So … the author and the publisher get money, but the dude who drew the thing gets … copies of the book?

If you want to work for free, work on your own stuff.


Pigs in Maputo said...

Panel 1: We don't have money to pay you, but it will be like a showcase for your work.

Panel 2: You will gain visibility. And what can be more important than visibility to live?

Unknown said...

This sounds like a great opportunity.

Let me handle this one...

Dear Mr. Famous Writer..

How did you get to be so famous when you can't even sell the idea of getting someone to do a ton of work for you for free?

If the rest of your writing is as genius as your offer to enslave another human being, then I'm sure your book will sell like hot cakes. Come to think of it, I don't know anyone who ever bought a single hot cake.

Continue being famous (in your own mind). My apologies if I offended you. I meant it more like a slap in the face.

Hope to read more gripping tales of your prosperous famousness and good will to artistkind,

Dan Reynolds

vwstieber said...

You know, he doesn't say what those awards were.

--Most improved in potty-training?

--Carwash employee of the month?

--Spelling bee honorable mention?


Just sayin'...