Monday, March 02, 2015

Leonard Nimoy 1931 - 2015

Like a lot of people, I was an original STAR TREK fan when I was a kid. And, like a lot of people, I stayed one. 

The fact that this little show from the 60s was resurrected into movies, TV shows, books, etc. was kinda unthinkable back when I was a teen. I mean, maybe there was one to two other guys that would watch the show. You would run over to a friend's house to watch it after school, you know. But there was no real hope that it would ever come back. 

The STAR TREK characters, the original ones, are as well known as fairy tale characters. It still surprises me that all I have to do is type in an episode title into the Google and it knows I want to see stuff about STAR TREK. 

If anyone is alienated it's Mr. Spock, so he's catnip to teenagers. 

I think it was maybe 1975 or so that Mr. Nimoy came to Cleveland, where I, as an alienated teen STAR TREK fan was going to school. He was performing in the SHERLOCK HOLMES stage play. 

My Dad told me where he was staying in town, which was amazing! So … I drew some cartoons and sent them to his hotel. 

Even more amazing, my Dad bought tickets for us to go see SHERLOCK HOLMES. 

The day before we went to the stage show, an envelope addressed to me came in the mail. I opened it up, and inside were my cartoons. Leonard Nimoy signed them, adding that they were "Wonderful!" I was stunned! 

I remember nothing of the play, but I do remember waiting for Mr. Nimoy to come out after. My parents were there as well. When he did come I out, I think I just froze a bit until I got a gentle nudge from Dad to get in there. I had brought a photo of Mr. Spock with me for him to sign. 

I pulled out this 8x10 and maybe was able to ask him to sign it. It was Spock, complete with a Vulcan weapon. A publicity still from "Amok Time" where Spock has to mate or die. 

Nimoy crouched down (I was still little), smiled broadly when he saw the photo, and pulled a sharpie out of a blazer pocket. He signed it for me.

And then he got up and smiled and walked away.

I forgot to say anything. I didn't tell him that I loved STAR TREK or that I had just seen the play -- and I completely forgot to reveal that I was his "wonderful" cartoonist! 

Somewhere I have those drawings and someday maybe I will share them. But I think for now, I'll just remember the day I that Leonard Nimoy thought my cartoons were good. 


cafiend said...

Wow. Totally wow.

Brian Fies said...

Neat story, Mike. Hope you can find those cartoons and photo someday and share them.