Monday, August 31, 2015

Myfanwy Tristram: "How I experienced the life of a model, with Gudrun Sjoden"

Illustrator and cartoonist Myf Tristam scans her sketchbook diary about her experience being chosen as a "non-industry standard" fashion model:

"I haven’t exactly been blessed with the looks of a model, so no-one was more surprised than me to receive an offer to be photographed for a fashion catalogue. In fact, my first reaction may have been a snort. 
"But it all makes sense when you find out that the invitation came from Gudrun Sjoden. They regularly photograph their clothes on models who are “non-industry standard” — older, more characterful or larger than most brands would touch with a bargepole. (Makes perfect sense to me: their clothes are made for all ages and spread across a massive range of sizes, so why not reflect customers’ own looks?) 
"In this case, the shoot was to feature ‘friends of Gudrun’: bloggers, artists, novelists and other creative types. I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with some events in Gudrun’s London store, and that’s what put me on the early plane to Stockholm for two of the most pleasurable days I’ve had in a long time!"
Hat tip to Nick Abadzis! Thanks, Nick!

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