Thursday, August 20, 2015

Some 2015 Sketches

Above: a little girl discovers a back store room full of toys in a North Carolina thrift store.

I have been traveling a lot this year. Sometimes for family, sometimes for business. And when I have a moment, I will whip out the sketchbook and draw some people.

This is one of those small sketchbooks, 3.5 in. x 5 in., that fits in a pocket easily. None of these people ever noticed I was drawing them, which is a good thing. I like to be a fly on the wall.

These are, with the exception of the first one below, all from 2015.

Dude who sold me this sketchbook in Virginia really wanted to get me on some kind of list. I told him I was from far away. Dude still kept asking me.

A big man who said this several times to his kids. The mother, who was much smarter, was not to be seen.

When you have a fanny pack hanging off your gut, you really just do not care about how you look.

The above man was a beer brewer and he performed a five hour soliloquy on hops, yeast, water, and the beers of the world on the way from Portsmouth, NH to NYC. I was very happy to get off the bus.

Great t-shirt. I saw this guy a couple of times on the DC Metro.

Sitting and chilling in the Ronald Reagan airport.

A pilot with his sack lunch.

Cool beachy looking man at the Goodwill in Topsham, ME.

A couple of sketches of people working the night shift.

Thanks for looking. Let me know if any of these people is you!

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isy said...

I love your sketch book, Mike! Keep 'em coming!