Monday, August 17, 2015

The Garden As of Mid-August 2015

There are some green tomatoes like the ones above, but more and more are turning red.

Above is the garden, looking a little washed out now. Some of those leaves on the squash (foreground) are over two months old. Everything, even the trees, are starting to look a little dull -- but all of the greenery is very full.

Yeah, it looks like someone sprinkled talcum powder on the squash leaves. It doesn't help that the squash got attacked by the squash borer bug.

Above are the Romas. They are small and meaty and maybe are my favorite. The sticks have been pounded into the ground to help keep the tomato plants upright. There's a lot of tomatoes on these.

Here are the bigger, heavier heirloom tomatoes. They are great for slicing and putting on your burger.

And now, the parade of flowers:

All of the sunflower seeds that the birds have tossed to ground under the feeder have been allowed to grow this year.

The Garden As of June 1, 2015
The Garden As of Mid-June 2015
The Garden As of Early July
The Garden As of July 15, 2015


Jack said...

Do you get squirrels there sampling the tomatoes?

Unknown said...

Your 1st photo is so good I can taste those fried green tomatoes!