Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Joann Sfar: "Keep Drawing, Keep Creating, Keep Living

French cartoonist Joann Sfar has created a number of cartoon images that have gone viral after Friday's Paris attacks. They are at his Instagram page.

Lior Zaltzman writing in her The Forward article Jewish Cartoonist Goes Viral after Paris Attacks  explains:

He posted a series of images on his instagram feed. In a particularly popular one he asked people simply not to pray for Paris: “Our faith goes to music! Kissing! Life! Champagne and joy!” 
[...] As an artist and as a cartoonist, the answer is — his answer is — keep drawing, keep creating, keep living. Keep making the world beautiful and interesting. Keep bringing into the world the things that are vital and alive, in the face of ISIS, people who destroy life, who destroy beauty, who destroy culture and history. When ISIS destroys historical artifacts and attacks cultural centers, our response should be to create more.

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