Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Three New 2015 Robert Crumb Interviews

Robert Crumb has a number of interviews, but one of them, he wants us to know, really upset him.

That is The Observer interview:

October 14, 2015: 
The Observer "Robert Crumb Hates You" interview by Jacques Hyzagi.

It's pretty freewheeling and touches on a some topics like sex and politics -- topics that Crumb is no stranger to in his comics work.

Regardless, Robert Crumb didn't like the interview, so he asked his friend Slum Goddess to post about it on her blog. She did on November 9, 2015 in an entry called R. Crumb Doesn’t Hate “You.” R. Crumb Hates The New York Observer. She also posted Crumb's email to her, which he wanted to be shared: 

In mid-October The New York Observer ran a big interview titled “R. Crumb Hates You.” This article was quite distressing to me and I feel a somewhat urgent need to tell the reading public some of what’s wrong with it and why. Hopefully, I won’t go on too long about it. I’ll try to restrain myself. My friend Eden has kindly agreed to get his posted for me 
The most urgent thing I need to do is to rectify the remark quoted in the article where I say, “We should still bomb motherfucking banks.” Mostly I just want to say I don’t really believe we should “bomb the motherfucking banks.” Honest! I don’t! Okay? I was just shooting off my mouth! Okay? I LOVE banks! I really do! I keep my money in them, just like most people! Two of them! I do not advocate violence of any kind! I’m a man of peace, okay 
A lot of things in this poorly written article I’m sure I never actually said. I never said Tim Leary was a “big phony.” In fact I think he was quite sincere, though perhaps a man with a big ego.

Much more here

Now, in addition to all this, there is another interview with Crumb here:

November 6, 2015: 
Blues.GR site interview "Robert Crumb: Comix Sings The Blues" by Michael Limnios

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