Friday, November 06, 2015

Mike Lynch Cartoon in November 2015 Funny Times

(Above cover to Funny Times by David Horsey.)

I have a cartoon in this month's Funny Times.

To me, this is a very old cartoon. I drew it a long time ago, with a dip pen and an ink wash. I believe it first appeared in print in The New York Daily News in 2002. So, to me, this all looks like something that I would draw very differently now. My guess is that I sent a copy of it to FT soon after its first appearance.

I know that FT will file away cartoons for a long time under certain subject headings. Then, they will have them all appear in a thematically similar layout. In this case, a New York-centric column by Lenore Skenazy. I didn't know that this little cartoon was saved all those years in a Cleveland Heights file drawer. (Cleveland Heights is where The Funny Times is from.)

Anyway, nice to see it in print and nice to know it's a perennial kinda cartoon. That's the kind of cartoon that you want: one that gets bought routinely for a a variety of clients thru the years. 

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