Tuesday, May 03, 2016

1956 Comic Book Ad: Monsanto Sponsored "Win a Trip to Disneyland" Contest

Here's an ad from the back of LITTLE LULU 1956. It's for a Monsanto-Sponsored "Win a Trip to Disneyland" contest. Yes! MONSANTO! Its cash value: $2,000. What is that in today's money? A LOT!

The deal was that you would have to finish a poem about Monsanto Plastics' toys which, I would guess, were full of lead paint and red dye #3, then you could win "Five Family Trips and 1010 other exciting prizes in Monsanto's Easy Jingle Contest!"

The new toys of plastics are my favorite kind
Their bright colors make them easy to find
They're smooth and they're tough -- as real as can be

Let me know if you want to come up with a last line, just for fun.


DBenson said...

They're almost as fun as they look on TV.
And don't tell your folks, but they taste just like brie.
They'll outlast us all into eterni-ty.
In fact they're just dandy as weapons -- AIEEE!
Big sister has one that she won't let us see.
We spray them with toxics to keep them bug-free.
Remember "The Graduate"? Plastics for me!
Monsanto's our buddy (You better agree).

Clare Walker said...

Possible last line...

"And they harm every creature who swims in the sea".

Ronn Roxx said...

"a magnifying glass and some sun, so much fun, you'll see!"

Ok, so mine is not that catchy, but I do remember that so many of my old plasic toys were melted into piles of goo as a child.

I so badly want to see what the winning entery was!